Missed Opportunity

Have you ever stopped to think how thankful you are for a missed opportunity?  Almost daily I drive by a restaurant that I interviewed to work at when I was a teenager. They turned me down because I didn’t have waiting experience. I was 18 and eager to work but wasn’t the right fit forContinue reading “Missed Opportunity”

COVID Vaccine Part 2- mRNA

This is a continuation of my thoughts on the COVID vaccine. In my last post I looked into the requirements for approval. We know that the FDA has approved two vaccines via an emergency order. The manufacturers are Moderna and Pfizer, both companies utilize the same technology known as mRNA. This is a big dealContinue reading “COVID Vaccine Part 2- mRNA”

COVID Vaccine

The hot topic of winter 2020. Will you be getting the COVID vaccine? If so, WHY?  Oh boy, I’m having flashbacks to when we decided on a vaccine plan for our 3 children. The endless google searches to try and make the right decision. Similar to that experience, I heard a lot of things aboutContinue reading “COVID Vaccine”

Fetch: 1 year later

In Nov 2019 my friend and coworker told me about the app Fetch. You scan your grocery receipts and are awarded points. 25 points minimum for each grocery receipt.  If you happen to purchase items that are part of their promotions you get additional points. I think my highest reward summary was 300 points. {BuyingContinue reading “Fetch: 1 year later”

Neuro Testing

Yesterday we had our first official appointment with Dr. Jay to start the neurofeedback process. It begins with testing. His office is connected to a small private school. So you enter in his suite but it’s actually connected by an atrium type room to the school and additional offices/conference rooms. We sit in his officeContinue reading “Neuro Testing”

Officially an Officiant

I envisioned me becoming an officiant when we moved to the country and onto some land. My plan is to have an area outside that will provided a nice backdrop for simple elope style weddings. A drive out and wed option for couples that want to bypass the big wedding event but want something aContinue reading “Officially an Officiant”

7 weeks

We have made it through 7 weeks of elementary school. 3 weeks virtually and 4 weeks in-person learning.  We’ve all learned a lot during this time.  I’ve learned that I have poor time management skills and unable to keep my boys engaged in virtual learning while I work from home in non-stop conference calls.  TheContinue reading “7 weeks”


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Missed Opportunity
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