Recreating Pinterest Bachelorette Shirts

There is something about personalized event shirts that make the gathering more fun. But the thought of a single use shirt seems like such a waste and does not align with my goal of reduce, reuse, recycle or repurpose.  So when my friend mentioned making shirts for a bachelorette weekend I was on board and suggested they send me an old favorite shirt that I could add the vinyl onto. However, not knowing the blend and if the vinyl I had would work, we opted to purchase shirts and picked designs that will be fun for the weekend and beyond. 

We decided on a V-Neck soft blend shirt and should drape nicely on each of the women attending. This was my first time ordering from Jiffy Shirts 

The shirts arrived very quickly. I ordered on Jan 20th and they were delivered on Monday the 25th and Tuesday the 26th. For 12 Shirts the grand total with shipping was 115.24

I do not feel like the rose bloom is rose at all, it is more coral or salmon but still a nice color. The Army green are exactly what you would expect. 

Here is the Pinterest inspiration:  

I pay for Cricut Access and used the following fonts:

  • Text: Euphemia Ucas For the Caps
  • Text: Loop-di-Loo for the cursive 

I used a square in Design Space that was about 9 X 9 Added the font and then used the Align Horizontal Center. 

Before sending it to cut I removed the box and “Attached” the wording. This will keep the words in the exact placement you want it. 

Vinyl: I used the  Cricut strong bond Heat Transfer Vinyl, from Michaels. 5.99 I typically check online to see what craft store is running vinyl promotions. I’m lucky there is a  Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Joann’s nearby and they typically alternate promotions weekly so I can find it for buy one get one or 30% off.

 While in the cut preview screen make sure you mirror your image. The prompts tell you this but I’m going to say it again 🙂 

Send it to print and get your iron started, I set mine to cotton.  I don’t have a heat press or anything fancy. Just my regular iron and portable ironing board. I don’t see the point investing in something more with my current needs. 

I’m part of the Jennifer Maker FB group and gathered the following tip from the members in there. 

Fold shirt in Half horizontally and vertically to create a guide for the center placement.

After I removed the excess vinyl (called weeding) I folded the design in half to line it up with newly created iron marks on the shirt. 

Place it down, you can place a thin material over the top like a pillow case, parchment paper or just iron directly on the plastic. Keep the iron on there for about the count of 15-20 secs.  

Remove the plastic – s l o w l y — and you’re done. 


Finished product.



Shirt: 9.60 Vinyl: .99 = 10.59

The pricing for the original version is very well priced considering how long it takes to find the font, place it and iron it down. Looking at the design today, I should have made the cursive larger, the full width of the wording but it’s ok and will work great for our weekend.

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