Fetch: 1 year later

In Nov 2019 my friend and coworker told me about the app Fetch. You scan your grocery receipts and are awarded points. 25 points minimum for each grocery receipt.  If you happen to purchase items that are part of their promotions you get additional points. I think my highest reward summary was 300 points. {Buying kid junk food can pay in certain situations} 

What I like about the app:

  1. You do not have to link a credit card.  I’ve even scanned receipts that I found at the register or receipts from when my husband purchased something
  2. You don’t have to buy certain products to get a reward. Now, you are given more points if you have a particular item, but there isn’t a ‘Load it on the list to get credit’ type of requirement. 
  3. Redeeming your points for gift cards is very simple. You just go to the app, go to my rewards and select the denomination and retailer you would like to use. I redeemed my points for Amazon. 
  4. See how much we spend on groceries.  I find this interesting as I never really looked back on a year total. We try to stay in the 200.00 a trip range for eating out. But according to my 2020 recap. We’re sitting at approx 7K in groceries and that is 83 receipts. 

What I don’t Like:

  1. You’re basically rewarded for more processed/commercial foods. I haven’t noticed any rewards for plain old fruits and veggies. 
  2. You need a ton of points to get a certificate with any type of value. 10,000 points equal a Ten dollar certificate. It took me nearly all year to get that amount. 
  3. The 2 week expiration on receipts.  Look, for some reason I hold on to the receipts instead of just scanning it when I get home. The next thing I know it’s been 2 weeks and my receipt is rejected because it’s considered expired.  
  4. Just my general side eye on data collection.  Clearly that is the benefit, why else would they pay you to scan receipts? Knowing what the population buys, how much they spend and when they shop is, pretty good information for advertising and marketing. 

With all this said, I’m still using the App. I just don’t use it religiously or promote it to get a referral bonus. Although, I would refer it to anyone that wants an app that that is relatively easy to use and will pay out as advertised. In fact, I used the 10.00 gift card for Amazon the other day when I purchase a Christmas present for my nephew. It worked great and I was thankful to have it.  I think I’ve covered the ends and outs of this one. 

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