Officially an Officiant

I envisioned me becoming an officiant when we moved to the country and onto some land. My plan is to have an area outside that will provided a nice backdrop for simple elope style weddings. A drive out and wed option for couples that want to bypass the big wedding event but want something a little more personal than a Justice of the Peace. Ideally, I’ll offer wedding packages with some light photography of the event. However, we’re not in the country and will not be moving anytime soon. I went ahead and got ordained so I can offer some assistance to the multitude of couples that will not be planning a wedding due to COVID 19. Or simply just want to keep it simple. Within a reasonable distance, I can meet the couple at the desired location and officiate the exchange of vows.  Texas requires a 3 day waiting period from the receipt of the marriage license to the exchange of vows. So with a 3 ay advance notice I should be able to accommodate the couples request.  If you’re looking for traditional vows, non traditional or create your own, I can assist.  Reach out using my contact me page and we can work a time and location for you.

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