7 weeks

We have made it through 7 weeks of elementary school. 3 weeks virtually and 4 weeks in-person learning.  We’ve all learned a lot during this time. 

I’ve learned that I have poor time management skills and unable to keep my boys engaged in virtual learning while I work from home in non-stop conference calls. 

The boys are resilient and able to wear a mask all day long. They needed the social interaction and change of environment. The school is not kidding about no visitors. The first day of in-person, lunch was forgotten and I was not allowed to drop it off. “No deliveries” . They boys can make it through a full day of learning, as long as they are out of the house. When they were at home they quickly figured out that if they ask me for electronics while I’m on a call…presenting. I’ll agree to get them out of the office… {grin} 

A typical school day looks like this: 

6:00-6:15 lights on to start the wake up process. While I’m drinking my coffee and half asleep.  Hug/Kiss on the forehead to check temps. 

6:30 – TV turned on, breakfast decided, medicine / vitamins, gathering clothing.

7:00 Should be dressed but usually when I start making the rounds to motivate the boys. 

7:20 Dressed, shoes on, Mask decided, water bottles filled, snack check and chrome books unplugged/back in bags. 

7:30 Need to be in the car for drop off. J takes them to school  and I log onto work. 

7:40 – School Starts

8:00-Stella is typically awake by all the commotion and watches some TV until it’s time to get dressed and go to preschool. 

8:30-I have a reminder on my work computer to make sure her lunch is packed, she all dressed and ready for preschool.

9:00-Preschool starts-J takes her to school and goes to work after.  

2:45-I leave the house to go get the boys 

3:05-home and I’m logged back onto work by

4:15-time to get Stella

4:45-Back home and logged on to finish up any items and log off by 5:30

  • Dinner
  • TV
  • Homework
  • Bath
  • What should be an evening walk
  • Chores 
  • {Everything is in this block of time}

7:30 Electronics off

8:00 Remotes and electronics officially picked up

Bedtime routine — reading with each kid/hang talk time/Brush teeth

9:00 should be lights out and typically when I pass out

9:15 – Someone is out of their bed, needing a hug, needing a kiss, needing a drink etc

10:00 the kids should be asleep to start the routine over the next day. 

Thurs/ Friday J does all the toting of kids and I get more of an uninterrupted  productive day. 

Next week is the start of a new grading period and the first chance to change learning styles. We will remain face to face. Thus far we have had 4 positive COVID tests-non of which had direct contact with the kids.  I’m not sure if the boys will have changes to their classrooms.  Right now I think they’re doing pretty good with all the requirements. Masking all day, plexiglass looking shields around their desks. Distance in the halls and distance lunches. I don’t get a whole lot of feedback from them. It’s mainly “school was good” and handing over their masks when they get in the car. 

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