When I woke up this morning I was still fuming with feelings from the day before. I spent a portion of my night conversing and resolving work grievances. Imagining how I would have a Jerry McGuire moment and that I just needed to calm myself down. I mean “it’s just real estate!” Which is true, but it is how I spend my day, how I afford my life and where I have built my skillset.  So when I just couldn’t shake it this morning and It was time to log in to start my day, I opted to color instead. I purchased a coloring books a couple of years ago when it became acceptable for adults to participate. However, its only this year that I’ve actually started to use it. When I feel like I need to calm my mind and just focus on lines or circles, filling in the spaces with the color of my choice.  A quick google search and it returns a handful of benefits of coloring for toddlers. Things like hand strength, fine motor skills and color awareness. I find that coloring as an adult is tapping into my dormant creative side. Picking a color is a form of self expression and staying focused on paper that does not emit blue light is great for my head.  Psychology today makes the distinction that coloring is therapeutic NOT therapy. I will say that taking the time to color a flower this morning helped me keep my mouth shut during my morning meeting. I continued to color while on the call which helped me really listen to the message. To be perfectly transparent, I needed to hear what was said this morning.  

Opting to color this morning was a physical act of prioritizing myself. Even though it looked a lot like work procrastination… So, if you have been feeling some kind of way and thinking of it all at one time or can’t shake your current thoughts. Try coloring. 

I picked up my coloring book from Dollar Tree and my markers (flair pens) from Office Max. 

I think you should give it a try too. Use a pencil or a pen whatever you have on hand. Try dots, shading, coloring heavy handed or hatch marks. I figure anything might be better than nothing. 

Pens and page I started this morning- With a little help from Stell

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