DIY Produce Bag/ Laundry Bag

Today I needed to wash some of Stella’s bows before I reattach them to an elastic band. I could not find my zipper laundry bag anywhere. I try to keep it hanging by the washing machine to have it handy when I need it, but of course,  I couldn’t find it. I still have my sewing machine out and working on miscellaneous projects so I figured now is the time to whip up a produce bag and test it out as a laundry bag too. I had the produce bags I purchased from Trader Joe’s as a guide on sizing and texture. 

This is the smaller bag, it’s about 12″x 12″

The shirt is lightweight polyester that has a snag in it. Basically, totally ruined and would end up in the trash since it can’t be fixed (That I know of) This type of fabric is very sheer so I feel like it would make a great produce bag as you can see what is inside and doesn’t weigh very much to skew the weight. 

I decided to use the arm for a small laundry bag and the body of the shirt for produce bags.  

Just cut the arm off, keep it inside out so you can sew the bottom. Then sew the top, I just folded it over to create a space for the shoelace I used as the tie. I left a small opening to thread the shoelace. I do not pin my fabric or use a measuring tape. Just eyeball it and sew it slowly. 

I just used white thread since it was still in my machine and it makes it easier to photograph {grin}  Turn your bag right side out and it should be ready. It’s not perfectly even but It will get the job done.

I just tied the ends and placed the whole thing in the wash. It survived a full load, with an agitator. I also made a larger bag from the front of the shirt, I’ll be testing that out as a produce bag. I of course found my other laundry bag when putting away the laundry.

Finished bag is about 6″x 9″

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