Starting A Blog

Isn’t it a little late to be blogging? I mean the heyday was a solid decade ago. 

So very true, and about a decade ago is when I really started to think maybe I would like to have an online space for my thoughts. I started reading family blogs and that moved to family vlogs but now I really think that sharing every detail of my kids like without their permission, is not in their best interest. I do love to share the various trials and successes with my fellow parents, but I’ll keep that face-to-face communication. Not to say I won’t share parenting or kid related content it’s just not going to be the focus of my blog. I had a blogger (another platform) for a bit, but I did not keep up with it and I think the platform is gone. 

So what is the focus? 

Well, it will be random, just as random as I am. As this life I’ve navigated has been. I’m really trying to organize and store my thoughts online. In a way that I can easily reference or any person needing the information can too. I think that’s mainly why I’m moving away from social media and creating more of my own outpost. I feel that social media (Facebook) is more about conflict seeking than community. I also feel social media is about showing a highlight reel without the grit of reality. I’m not trying to bring doom and gloom. Just more of a this happened on this date____ and here is the outcome at the time. My main topics right now will likely be

  • crafty stuff
  • Trader Joe’s/ Food 
  • Various life events 

Why is Jessie spelled Jese?

If you know me in real life you know I go by Jessie. It’s not my government name but its my nickname. I decided to spell it Jessie when I started going by it full time in the 4th or 5th grade. However, my Mom always spelled it Jese since it is a true variation of my full name (Jesenia). When picking a domain name I figured it would not be likely that someone would be using the spelling Jese. Plus, I like that it is using something my Mom started when I was born.

Will it be interesting? 

Probably not. Is life all that interesting? It’s more understood looking back than looking at. Having my thoughts captured will allow me the ability to reflect. I don’t particularly think I have interesting views on things; however, I have been known to Mcgyver a situation or two. 
Why public? This one is actually a bit scary for me. But, I want the accountability and the welcoming of individuals that may find this information helpful. I have thought about making some private or unlisted content for screened people if it pertains to family related items. I also want to explore the various affiliate link options but I don’t want to be a sales person consumerism. As of today, and the near future any link or product I share is not affiliated or commission based. 

Frequency? I think for this to work, I’m going to need to commit to a least once a week. 

Buying or ordering something I see? Yes! That is also part of my offerings. Share how to do something yourself or I can whip something up for you. Since my desk job is just that, a desk job. I’m really trying to tap into my dormant creative side. Reaching out VIA email will get the ball rolling until I have enough interest to start an ordering option through another site like etsy. 

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any additional questions reach out and I’ll share what I know. 

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